Use cybersports team students and graduates'streams to earn more

U LIVE Games is a cybersport and games streaming platform where authors launch live streams, post photo and video content and chat with viewers.

We are looking for talented authors and cybersports teams for live streaming and creating game content.

Register a user account and use all the possibilities of U LIVE Games for earning on game content

Remind students to use affiliate links

Get 14% from their stream income.

Invite new users

Get 30% from their purchases.

Easy monetization scheme

U LIVE Games gives sreamers more opportunites to earn on game content. Start streams and workshops with per minute payments. Launch paid content like tutorials, stream and tournament recordings and receive monthly income via subscription. Upload free photos and videos - U LIVE Games pays for every 50 viewers.

Promotion of your personal brand

U LIVE Games marketing department aids teams and prominent authors in promoting their brands. We organize press releases of big events.

Multilingual platform

We are represented in 250 countries and 12 languages. Chats and other textual content is automatically translated to your language.

Special terms for talented authors

We will double the sum you earned on U LIVE Games platform and supply you with permanent developer support, if you have more than 5000 subscribers on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or other service.

Simply send the link to your page and ID to our email:

Per minute earnings

We pay for every viewer in your room, even if it's a free stream.

Multi streaming

Combine streaming on U LIVE Games with streaming on other services.

Collect donations without intermediaries

We alllow posting links to donation services and e-wallets to get bonuses right from users.

No content bans

We don't ban for games and hot content in streams - there are country and age limits for every publication.

Simple and convenient money withdrawal

Exchange every 5000 coins to $1. Minimal withdrawal sum — $10.

Withdraw to Visa or Mastercard, Bitcoin wallet, Sepa and Bitsafe accounts or via invoices (payment bills).

No chargebacks. You get 100% income, U LIVE Games takes on the refund risks.