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What is calibration of the COP.

Calibration is one of the most important processes in cs go, but many do not fully understand how it proceeds, what the titles are and what it is in General. The answers below

How to make a cs go calibration.

Calibration is a way to see your skill in playing cs and match you with the appropriate opponents. Previously, it was possible to perform it from the very start of the game, but now calibration is available when you reach the second Private rang because beginners need to understand the basics. You will reach the desired rank by playing in normal mode on official maps.

Calibration takes place within 5 days. You must give out 2 wins per day. After completing it, you will get the maximum of Legendary Eagle Master. From which to global 2 titles.

Calibration tips.

• If you are confident in your abilities, then play solo because this way you will get more experience.

• If you are not sure of your abilities, postpone calibration and practice.

* Be prepared for cheaters. If there is really a dishonest player in the game, the game will not be counted.

• Give your best in matches.

* Don't forget to warm up. Always calibrate before you start playing the other modes.

"help on the calibration>>

There are a huge number of portals that "help" with pumping, but it is not recommended to use them because

• They will take your money and change your password on your steam account.

* The rank is reset quickly and once you get into a match with honest eagles, you will not have a chance.

• This will calculate the value and give you a vac ban.

• You are unlikely to be loved by the community for this.

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