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Terrible sets in DotA 2.

In DotA 2, sets will help make the character more pleasing to the eye, everyone can add their own set if they meet the rules, but valve itself does not particularly adhere to them.

About new sets in DotA 2.

Cosmetic sets in DotA 2 tell a lot about the characters, and also just make them more pleasant to the eye. If you wish, you can create a set yourself, but you need to follow the instructions in the steam workshop. Here are the basic rules:

  • The character is recognizable by one silhouette.
  • It's easy to tell where he's looking.
  • Elements match the specified schema, but if some elements exactly match the default appearance, then discrepancies with the schema are not penalized.But recently, Valve itself began to violate these rules.Here is an Invoker who does not look like himself and is recognized only because of his hands. This is even more difficult to understand. And during a long game, when the eye begins to faintly distinguish small details, the new Sven is very easy to confuse with DC It is also easy to confuse ember with a Juggernaut. It is worth adding that all skins must preserve the atmosphere of DotA. But now there are sets that turn the game into a circus tent. For example a cat: Or BAT rider rides an owl: Here is another rider on a tiger: In addition to such liberties, which distort both ENT and common sense, the above rules still apply. Most of these "podgons" are connected with the Chinese market and with the Chinese, who are ready to pay any amount only his hero looked cooler than the hero of his neighbor. If this trend continues, there will be nothing left of ordinary heroes. #interesting #HD #games #MOBA

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