How to increase fps in Escape from Tarkov for a comfortable game

Stable and high FPS is required for online games. And in Escape From Tarkov he plays almost the main role. In this article we will help to increase it.


Escape From Tarkov is just a gun. She simply conquers her atmosphere, the amount of mechanics, realism. This is an incredibly hard game, where your main goal is to simply survive and get out of town. But everything is not as simple as it sounds, because the elements of RPG and TPS are compared in the game. And all this online with other players. Low FPS is a very nasty problem that spoils the whole game completely.

And what if your PC fails and weakly pulls Escape From Tarkov? Raising fps is what you should do first. Therefore, we do not give up, sit down comfortably and understand how to optimize Tarkov, reduce friezes and enjoy the game to the maximum, even if you have a weak stove.

Escape From Tarkov is very processor dependent.

Since the game is still in beta testing, there are problems with optimization that lead to improper use of the physical resources of the PC, namely, incomplete loading of the central processor (CPU) and incomplete loading of the graphics processor (GPU), thereby reducing voltage and clock frequency on the graphic core, and constant sagging begins, at the most unfortunate moment. This situation is a common thing for all games in the beta test and optimization will still be brought into it, there is no doubt. But there are options for how to minimize problems yourself.

The higher the clock speed of your CPU and the large amount of L3 cache, the more stable the FPS. The ratio is directed to the frequency of RAM, with its mode of operation (Triple Channel, Single Channel Quad Channel and Dual Channel) and throughput. Most of all, the preferred mode of RAM operation is the Quad Channel with a frequency for DDR3 - from 2133Mhz, for DDR4 - 3000Mhz. That's pretty tricky, but in fact everything is just arranged.

A huge performance buff in Escape From Tarkov will be able to get those with overclocked percent \<k> and motherboards supporting overclocking and controlling the voltage of the CPU and RAM, as well as editing timings. In general, Tarkov most of all pays attention to your processor and a lot will depend on it. But not only.

So how do you increase FPS?

First you need to redefine the swap files in the system. To do this, simply place the swap file at 8-16 Gb at the upper limit, and it is very important to compare it with the amount of RAM that is installed on your PC. The lowest limit, it will be easier to set, paying attention to the proposals of the system.

But such a problem is possible when Tarkov crashes with an error, then you need to insert the swap file in \<System choice>

Change the image scale in the game.

In Windows 10, we need to go to the folder where you installed Tarkov and open the \<Properties> of the EscaptFromTarkov.exe file by right-clicking on it.

Now we need the \<Compatibility> tab and the line \<Change high DPI settings>

We click on it with the left mouse button, and in the open window put a checkmark in the tab "Program Resolution" and "Override Scaling with High Resolution." Further in the lists we select "I will open this program" and "Application". Press \<OK> and after that you need to close the windows of the conductor.

Also, doing this on Windows 7 should not cause any problems. Therefore, the advice remains relevant. Although, does anyone else use the seventh Windows?

Changing the parameters of the video driver in the "NVIDIA Control Panel" Owners of video adapters from AMD should skip this paragraph.

The instruction is simple: right-click on the desktop, and go to the "NVIDIA Control Panel". .

In the lower left corner there is a section "3D Parameters", click on it, and then select "3D Parameter Management", in the window that opens, go to the "Program Settings" section there a list opens, in which we select EscapeFromTarkov.exe, if it suddenly that didn't appear for an unknown reason, click on the "Browse" button to look for the file we need, and select "Add Selected Program".

There will be a table below with a huge number of parameters, we only need the ones below:

Vertical sync => Off GPU rendering OpenGA => Your main graphics card

Maximum number of pre-trained frames => 1

Stream optimization => On (Unstable parameter for EFT) Power management mode => It is better to select the max. performance

Texture Filtering - Trilinear Optimization => On

If you chop off the "Vertical sync pulse" in the NVIDIA panel, it becomes available to remove the protection of the FPS indicator in the game by clicking on "Vertical sync" in the graphics settings. But having done this, there will be a load on the video card with huge heat dissipation and power consumption.

Next, click on the "Apply" button and close the "NVIDIA Control Panel" window.

Introduction of trial functions in Expierence

You can also try to fine-tune the experimental features in GeForce Expierence: Gear> General> Enable Experimental Functions.

Next, re-open the "Nvidia Control Panel", go to the "Program Settings" tab, click on the EscapeFromTarkov.exe process and notice how a new item appeared - "Low latency mode". We set the value to ultra, save and you can close the Nvidia control panel.

"Delay" affects the limitation of the number of frames, and can prepare the CPU before processing the GPU.

Process lasso

You can get acquainted with this wonderful program closer on their official website .

Install and open downloads, launch Battlestate Games Launcher and launch Tarkov. Then you need to minimize the game by pressing the key combination (Alt + Tab) and return to Process Lasso. In the tab "All processes" you need to find the EscapeFromTarkov.exe process and right-click on it.

In the menu that opens, we will be interested in only 5 points at the beginning, and then climb no longer makes much sense:

Priority Class => Always => High CPU Compliance (CPU utilization limit) => Always => Select all CPUs I / O Priority => Always => High Memory Priority => Always => 1 - very low Application Power Plan => Maximum performance

You can also experiment yourself with these settings yourself, but remember "how it was" so that you don't create unnecessary problems for yourself later. We just need to change the application's power plan to "Maximum Performance" and change the priority of the EscapeFromTarkov.exe process to "Above Average" or "High". The number of cores (CPU compliance) is controlled by a checkmark in the game "Use only physical CPU cores."

The very first item will put the EscapeFromTarkov.exe process in priority for the processor to process before other tasks .; The second - will allow forcibly and evenly disperse the load that the game creates on the physical and logical processor cores, and this is what we need in a situation with FPS problems;

What exactly is Tarkova, in this case the game goes much better if the BIOS is cut down with HyperTreading and with the number of physical cores no more than 6. For AMD Ryzen, it is better to cut down Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT), an analog of Intel's Hyper Treading. At all. The easiest way to raise your FPS is to disable Hyper Treading for Intel and SMT for AMD Ryzen. When disabling Hyper Treading and SMT, the checkmark in the "Use only physical CPU cores" checkbox no longer affects the game. If, on the contrary, you turn it on, it will begin to limit the volume of flows by half. And since the flow is "half-core", the game begins to occupy only a quarter of the real number of "physical" kernels. This can only be viewed through the Process Lasso program. So it is best to enable HT and SMT through the BIOS, especially for owners of multi-core processors with more than 6 cores, and finally forget about the "Use only physical CPU cores" checkbox Third point sets the game high priority on input / output operations of this or that information; Fourth - allows you to mark EscapeFromTarkov.exe as a priority for accessing RAM (the lower the priority figure, the higher it is); The fifth point makes it possible to enter the system into maximum performance mode, which leads to raising the clock frequency of the CPU and GPU to the highest mark - in development. In an unpleasant case, on 6 cores and 12 threads, the processor will work at the stock frequency and will not develop rapidly, because the game does not provide the required processor load. The situation with the video card is absolutely the same.


If possible, you have a video card from the American manufacturer EVGA. Then you can use the utility, which is also like MSI Afterburner, but with some cool trick, which has the KBoost function. It allows you to enter the video card in maximum performance mode and regardless of your load. Activating this feature will remove the voltage and drawdowns of the clock frequency on the GPU core.

The utility only works with EVGA vendor cards.

Now let's start customizing the graphics in the game.

Good graphics with many small details can become superfluous in an online shooter. Although, I have no doubt that I want to play with maximum realism. It's time to set up the graphics, for this I advise you to put in high textures and it is better to remove the shadows to a minimum. And also turn off effects, and general visibility and visibility of shadows. From this, your fpsik will feel better than ever before.

If you have a video card with a volume lower than 6 Gd, I suggest setting the texture quality to High + Streaming Texture or Medium. In this case, you can raise your FPS, and textures will not fill the video memory, and slower RAM will not be used for storage. General visibility will allow you to see different objects ahead. By setting the visibility parameter to low, this will not complicate viewing the enemy in the distance, but will even simplify this task. Because nothing superfluous will distract you from the enemy.

To see shadows in the distance, the visibility of shadows will allow, but if you unscrew this parameter to a minimum, it will allow you to get priority on the map, in good light.

The remaining settings can be viewed in the GeForce Experience application.

Alternatively, you can try different combo settings and see how it affects the FPS. Namely, to observe the integrated monitoring of frames in the game, it must be turned on. To do this, click on the tilde "\~" and write the command FPS 1 or FPS 2, then press Enter and close the console.

Important Tip for AMD Ryzen SMT Owners: Just turn off the Hyper Treading BIOS. Since the game is based on the Unity 5 engine, this shutdown will upset you fpsikov.

Now information for those who have loaded the card or loot in the game for too long. If the game Escape From Tarkov is installed on a simple hard drive, it is most likely that defragmenting the disk will help here, only with optimization of the location of the files. We put the program Ausligics DiskDefrag and find the "Defragmentation and optimization" mode in it. But this solution is not the most ideal, because it is best to transfer the launcher and EFT to the SSD, if you have one, if there is no SSD, you should think about purchasing it, because any games will go to SSD much faster. And while the price tags for SSDs are not so high, in comparison with the quality that you get on the way out. For example, I can recommend Samsung EVO 850 250gb Sata 3, Kingston UV400 140gb. Samsung is especially good because it has a 5 year warranty.


As a result, in any case, after all the settings above, you will raise the FPS in the game on almost any computer. The best gain will be received by the owners of weak stoves. Although, if your FPS sagged quite a bit, you will still like the result. With the help of this guide, you will not completely fix any friezes, but their number will be reduced by several times. So go to the settings and good luck in the game! #interesting #hd

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