Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Evil Genius 2 is the sequel to the satirical supervillain simulator and the second part of the 2004 turn-based tactical game Evil Genius.

You have to play an evil genius, and the goal is to subdue the whole world. Evaluate the possibility of complete impunity, because even the forces of law and order cannot cope with you.

The villainous construction

After all, any self-respecting villain should have a secret lair. And if law enforcement officials will look for you in dark places, you can beat them-to be located on a Paradise island. And it's good for your health.

So settle down to your liking and build for your minions different strange villainous devices.

Anti-hero company

You can't take over the world alone. Therefore, you need to ensure a strong trusted team. Hire powerful assistants and create new specialists to implement the most evil plans.

Sneaky traps

Law enforcement forces are vigilant. To protect yourself, you can conduct research and develop networks of traps. Everything possible is used - poison, sports equipment, various baits. Don't give any uninvited guests a chance.

Intrigues and conspiracies

Power is good. And intelligence and cunning - doubly! Do not limit your villainous fantasy-sell the Royal family of great Britain, organize the kidnapping of the Governor of Maine, or just split Alaska. The choice of goals is not limited.

The expected PC release date is 2020 #interesting #evilgenius2 #review #обзор #trailer

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