How to play Escape from Tarkov: guide for beginners

An incredibly interesting game that will kill you constantly from the first minute. This is why we have compiled an article on Escape from Tarkov-a guide for beginners will help you in 2020.

First of all try to study the locations:

Slowly move from one location to another, look around and remember landmarks by which you will be able to determine the territory and your location in the future. Knowing the location is a tactical advantage over the enemy. Be sure to try to remember where the loot is, where the respawns are, and exits for Chvkashnikov and chelobotov. To begin with, it is best to go to the "customs", the safest thing you can think of. Because this is a very large location, and it has a place to get lost, because collecting items is the most important aspect for a beginner, loot in the game solves everything. And skirmishes, and skirmishes of private military corporations, can be avoided so that you do not accidentally get hooked. And your first quests will also be on "Customs". There is also a "Denouement" - a location that I recommend sometimes getting out, because there is a lot of farm. And also you will need loot, which is enough on it, for leveling skills, and the shelter grade. This way you will be able to reduce the wild's cooldown and open a bonus in trading.

Play around a bit in offline mode:

It is clear that playing offline is not so fun and cool, there is no traffic and only bots. But you will make your life easier by studying the game not online, you will understand the map, learn the mechanics of bots, and you will not lose your loot. You will be able to go around the locations along and across, quietly explore the nooks, interesting shelters and various tactical moves on the map.

Just don't go to the "factory" at the very beginning of the game.

Let me explain why:this is a miniature map where a lot of PMC players gather, and everywhere there are wild ones who RAID the left Persians. And there are also a lot of bots, so this meat, a novice will not come out alive. Accordingly, you will not learn anything and will only waste time and nerves.

I advise you to ride in night raids

First, it is convenient, because wild animals are very easy to spot in the dark, unlike ordinary people, who are not so clearly visible. And the wild ones turn on their lights, and you can see them from afar. Therefore, it is best to go out hunting wild, at night. For you, it will be easy kills and loot.

Listen and learn to hear your enemies.

Opponents can hide well, hide and disguise themselves, but the noise that they will make with any movement will shoot the enemies at once or twice. Therefore, remember the sounds, learn to listen and pay attention to any rustles. And be sure to use good headphones that will allow you to catch even the movement of air.

Ride Wild horses more often:

To begin with, the savages are the inhabitants of tarkov who have become bandits. And the advantage of the wild is that playing for Them, you can train, and are not afraid to lose your loot in case of death on the RAID. And moreover, the loot that you find, you can throw to the main character. Basically, they are used As a labor force, which you can loot without any losses, and then sell it all, make a profit and pump it.

Before you go on a RAID, set the goal of this RAID

You need to understand exactly why you are going on a RAID. For example: whether you want to get lost, or kill a frustrated enemy, or complete a quest. Otherwise, if you go without a goal and understanding what you need-the RAID will be wasted, and even worse, you will wander around the map and will merge the Persian from a random oncoming enemy. And when you collect a good enough loot, the need for money and experience will disappear, and then you can RAID as you like and without interruption.

You can also ask for help from game experts.

Sherpas are skilled players who help newcomers at the beginning of the game, in the difficult world of Tarkov. Contact these players for help to get knowledge about the map, and quickly understand the game. However, in no case, do not interfere with them, and do not steal their loot. They are experienced players, and you should watch their game more and learn from it. It is impossible to remember the entire map in one game, but it is possible to go through the key places without problems. And if you have an experienced player who will explain everything on the spot, put it on the shelves and explain the non-obvious and interesting places on the map, this experience can not be replaced.

Try to shoot without aiming at bots.

Shooting from the hip at bots is the best thing you can practice at the very beginning of the game. It will be difficult, you will constantly be killed, but you will not lose anything from this, but you will learn this shooting mechanics, and in the next games you will be able to react faster than your enemy.

How barter works and why it is needed

With the help of Barter, you can earn good money, the cheaper you buy, and the more expensive you sell, the greater your profit will be. Look closely at the game market, and try to bargain, find products that are in high demand from different players. For example, we will buy flash drives at a flea market for a fixed amount, and sell them more expensive to the peacekeeper, and we will remain in the benefit of 10 thousand rubles. #interesting #escapefromtrarkov

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