What are supplies in Darkest Dungeon and how important are they?

In order to conquer all the dungeons, you need supplies and it doesn't matter if you are a novice or a person who has "seen everything". I'll prove it now.In the passage of the dungeon, supplies play an important role. They can heal, help you overcome an obstacle, or remove negative emotions. In General, an irreplaceable friend and comrade. After you have gone through the entire length and breadth of the dungeon, the remaining supplies can be sold for 5% of their original price. So it is desirable to make a plan in advance for spending money on the purchase of supplies that will be needed in the conquest.

The pros and cons.

Of the disadvantages, firewood and dog treats can not be purchased in the store. Firewood is given if there is a Trainer in your team, but the amount of firewood given to you depends on the duration of the task.

On the plus side, supplies can be found during your trip or with the help of the Pilfer talent that the Thief has.

Types of supplies and their effects:

  1. Food, the price of it will be 75 gold. It not only satisfies hunger, but also restores health. For each participant group on the same product for a meal.
  2. A shovel, the price of it is 250 gold. Used on curiosities, to clear a path or break in. Curios are objects that can be activated for various effects, both positive and negative.
  3. The antidote, its price is 150. It cures poison and all that is associated with it, as well as help from poisoning.
  4. Bandages, price 150. Here everything is clear, from time immemorial they helped from bleeding.
  5. Herbs, price 200. Removes the weakening, for this you need to give it to the hero, no matter how ambiguous it sounds. It is also used to purify items and extract ailments.
  6. Master key, price 200. Used on curiosities. It will open any box and door for you.
  7. Holy water, price 150. Increase your resistance to the heroes, also for banishing evil and cleansing.
  8. Torch, price 75. Can show you all the darkest corners of the dungeon.
  9. Firewood, not for sale. With it, you can stop at a halt. Chat with friends around the campfire, but remember the main thing is to have enough food with you, otherwise everyone will start to starve.
  10. Dog treats, not for sale. As I said above, it is given only to the Trainer and not for nothing, because with this delicacy, his hound will become stronger by 50% 15 MTK. But consider only 3 moves.
  11. Blood, also not for sale (falls from opponents). If suddenly your character is not sick, the Crimson Curse, it removes morality and debuffed character. Should be used to quench the thirst of a character sick with a Crimson Curse.
  12. Medicine, not for sale (falls from the Fanatic). Able to heal the Crimson Curse.
  13. Protective scale, not for sale (falls from opponents). Gives 1 block of Aegis. Use my advice when fighting bosses. It can be acquired by "Microma", drop the saved will be with the snakes. Not for sale after the end of the mission.

List of heroes who take with them a certain amount of supplies to successfully conquer the dungeon:

  1. Trainer -- 2 dog treats.
  2. Jester-1 grass.
  3. Leper -- 1 herb.
  4. Crusader -- 1 Holy water.
  5. Thief -- 1 shovel and do not forget about her skill described above.
  6. Plague doctor-1 antidote.
  7. Crossbowwoman -- 1 bandages.

Guide to conquer the dungeons, what and how much you need to take, so as not to lose your blood. This is approximate data, because each level is generated randomly.

Explanation of the table:

  1. Obstacles will be almost everywhere, at every location, so it is best to take a shovel with you, it will definitely come in handy. And of course it is worth taking a few cans of Holy Water and one Master Key.
  2. To conquer the Ruins, we take with us a lot of Holy water, shovels and Master keys. But the torches will not need so much, because in all this location there will only be one object to interact with and this is the Alchemy Table. If you apply a torch to it, the light will illuminate the location and the ruins will no longer be so insanely dark. Master Keys and Holy Water will be constantly needed, like items in Ruins, because there almost all objects can be opened and get different cool nishtyaki. Use Master Keys or, if the item is religious, Holy Water.
  3. In the Reserve, it is best to take as many Herbs as possible, because this is necessary for interacting with different objects and for throwing off debuffs from different enemies. In the Reserve there is a very nasty thing-these are traps, they will constantly bleed, so first of all we take a lot of bandages. Torches are not required much, they can be found on the road, and even in the Reserve there are small corridors, meaning from torches is not enough.
  4. In the forest Thicket, you will need shovels that will not only allow you to get loot from Shallow graves, but also zaseyvit our character from the pile of damage that the fences give out, and they are scattered throughout the Thicket, and there are more of them than anywhere else. We also need antidotes, because different traps and enemies poison, and we will need to open different objects. Bandages will also be useful, both on some objects, and for their intended purpose -- to stop bleeding, the location will be full of Mad dogs. Medical Herbs we need for food on this mission, and they will also help against various debuffs, which are imposed by all the enemies under the row.
  5. In the Bay, most of all we will need herbs and shovels -- in order to use different chests and oysters, and as always to study the rubble, and herbs will always help from various negative effects. Bandages will stop bleeding from the wrecking Crabs and sea Wardens. ยง In the Courtyard, blood should be passed to beggars, and it is also necessary for heroes infected with the Crimson Curse. Since it is dark in the Courtyard, the Torches will provide a buff for 3 seconds to all our squads, and will help to replenish morale on Pulsating Cocoons and Crowded Hives. And also, only Torches in the Yard can drill various obstacles. But the Holy Water will help in battles with enemies, increase resistance, and also come in handy, so as not to get infected with the Crimson Curse. Infa sotka that you will need bandages, so grab them and do not hesitate, as a lot of bloodsuckers will leave behind bleeding. Shovels will be needed to get bundles of Firewood, and herbs for the characters are a nice amount of food when used on Forgotten Delicacies.


And so, now you have adopted all the skills for supplies and can become the king of the dungeons. The main thing is to observe all the above and do not be shy! #interesting #hd #darkestdungeon

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