How to get the history of Kaldea achievement. Diablo III

Diablo is Blizzard's famous RPG series. The first Diablo was released back in 1996, but today we are only interested in Diablo III and its achievements. Specifically, we are tempted by the achievement "the story of Caldeus", which we get in the second act for collecting books: "Desert aqueducts", "a brief history of Caldeus", "About Endless Sands", "Room with faces". Let's start from afar. All 3 parts of the book "About Boundless Sands" fall from bags, oddly enough, in the Boundless Sands. The "room with faces" appears at the entrance to the Dalgur oasis. "Desert aqueducts I" and" desert aqueducts II " lie at the entrances through an ancient drain to the Western and Eastern canal. Parts of the book "a brief history of Caldeus" from I to V we will get in the tavern "burning Sands" as the main story progresses. But there's a catch... I don't know where to get the sixth part. The secret of how to get the sixth part will tell us the streamer "Nyuukke" in his new guide. #Interesting #HD

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