How to get the primary sources achievement. Diablo III

Diablo is Blizzard's famous rpg series. The first Diablo was released back in 1996, but today we are only interested in Diablo III and its achievements. Specifically, we are attracted to the achievement "primary Sources", which we get in the third act for collecting books: "Leah's diary, Bastion, parts I-IV", "the bloodstained letter", "captain Hansen Haile's Diary", "Morgan's diary parts I-III", "Khom Records". The "letter" falls out of the corpse on the lower floors of the fortress. We get The "Khom records" in a dark corner of the storeroom, from the body of a guard. We'll take the captain's diary from the chest next to the junk shop in the main tower. "Morgan's diary" will fall from the bags in the sky-high walls. Well, with "Leah's diary" everything is quite interesting I, II and IV parts we will find in Leah's room when moving through the plot. The third part we will get in a variety of places, but I can not say for sure, but it can be a person who knows Diablo III like the back of his hand. And so the streamer "Nyuukke" recorded a guide to its location. #Interesting #HD

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