Guide to Teamfight Tactics. Build the winner.

In 2019, a new direction of online competitive games auto chess appeared. It grew out of the moba genre, which in turn grew out of RTS. We will talk about one of the brightest representatives of auto-chess. Teamfight tactics, from the creators of league of legends. In Teamfight Tactics, some builds, builds and combinations of items differ from similar ones from other auto chess, so it is difficult for veterans of the auto-chess genre to navigate and join this bizarre world. And newcomers in principle do not understand where the attack is, where to go and what to do. After all, this is why, without understanding, people leave projects and wonderful worlds that they might like in the future. Specifically, to prevent this situation, the streamer "Irinalion" created a guide, which describes which items to take and combine, which units to hire and which race to choose. Good luck, chess players. #интересное #tft #Interesting #HD

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