How to get the history of the Arreat achievement. Diablo III

Diablo is Blizzard's famous rpg series. The first Diablo was released back in 1996, but today we are only interested in Diablo III and its achievements. Specifically, we are attracted to the achievement "history of Arreat", which we get in the third act for collecting books: "The Fall Of The Barbarians>>I-V parts and "History of the Bastion". "Fall of the Barbarians" from the first to the fourth part fall out of bags in the lower floors of the fortress. "The history of the Bastion" can be obtained in the same place as "the Fall of the Barbarians" or on the first level of a Fortified bunker. But then you ask: how do I get a fifth? The book still falls from the bags in the lower floors of the fortress. But what is better: run around the location in the hope of finding a couple of bags and not the fact that they will contain this book, or find a place where you can easily and quickly get, knowing its location? Those who chose the second path will be helped by the streamer "Nyuukke" in their new guide. #Interesting #HD

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