Where and how to buy a blood-drunk hunter

Many people have heard about World of Warcraft. Starting in 2004 and up to now, this mmo rpg is played by up to 2 million people. The game is truly huge, but you need to somehow move through it, so that it is still comfortable and the movement itself was beautiful, and not painful to the eyes. For these purposes, you can buy a mount in wow. The list of world Of Warcraft mounts is quite diverse (from classic horses to mechanical wonders of dwarves). But today we are talking about a flying creature called "blood-drunk hunter". Many players who are not familiar with wow will ask: "how much money is it worth?" Answer: not at all, it is bought for the doubloons of the Navigator. "How do I get them?>> For expeditions to the Islands. And then there will be another question: "where to buy the hunter?>> This question and the other remaining ones will be answered by the streamer "World of Dasha" in his guide. Have a nice flight. #worldofwarcraft #wow #Interesting #HD

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