Look like the worlds Ivanka, Badi, Pewdiepie'and other Minecraft

I don't see any point in telling you about a sandbox like Minecraft. Almost all people who have ever come into contact with the game industry have heard about this indie. These players were playing the game, playing broadcasters on minecraft, or playing with friends. Others created servers, built buildings of enormous complexity and sophistication, and also put modifications, DLC, Addons. The latter will be discussed today. Modders have developed a single DLC that creates a random world from characters entered in the command line. Just imagine what color palettes and striking designs you will see by entering just 2 or 3 letters. What happens if you enter your first or last name? What if you came up with a name for the world and entered it? What unknown, mysterious and mysterious lands will belong to you? Today, the streamer "Wondrous elf" will show what worlds" own " such youtubers as: Hades, Badi, pewdiepie and others. If you want to have a good time, then you will not lose. #minecraft #Interesting #HD

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