Maniac in Read Dead Redemption 2. Dirty tips in a sea of blood.

When rockstar released red dead redemption 2 on playstation 4 and xbox one, and then on PC, the game made a splash. Many hung out in it for hours, but did not notice some Easter eggs, and they are in it. This video shows how to collect a map that leads to the broadcaster's cabin near the Valentine location. His headquarters only looks from the outside like a house long burned down and forgotten by everyone. Whether it's an ordinary traveler or a bandit on the run-charred boards will not attract their attention, and correctly, because everything is concentrated in the basement, and it is closed with a combination lock. But enough about the house, the maniac himself can really get creepy. He is cunning, duplicitous, and cruel. The places where he kills an unprepared viewer can be shocked (crucified, torn, cut in half). It is not very easy to notice them, much less find them all. But on its online broadcast streamer Tomagawka decided to reveal this secret. See if you're not afraid. Good luck and don't turn around... #rdr2 #reddeadredemption2 #Interesting #HD

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