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If you expertise in sniping, you will no doubt love this game. Super Sniper, developed by VOODOO is a popular mobile action game where you get to fire your sniper gun and play it smart to earn money while shooting. It's also very, very similar to Angry Birds and Sniper 3D.

Super Sniper! How is the gameplay?

It's definitely quite easy to play. There's basic stickman graphics. One of the cons in Super Sniper is that the game freezes a lot, right after an ad. However, here is a way around it.

PRO TIP: Close the game after you complete a level, before clicking next level, which triggers an ad and freezes the game once the ad is over. Simply close the game completing and reopen the game.

Another tip is to play the game on Airplane Mode if you wish to avoid the ads, as these are quite repetitive.

Latest Review:

The game can be fun, but the controls are absolutely terrible. It doesn't matter where you try to aim the rifle, the game zooms on the middle of the map and quite often you can't scroll far enough to hit things on either side of the map. The gameplay is very repetitive. Reviewed by Adam -...

Super Sniper! is available on Android and iOS for download. You can download the game here if you haven't already.

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