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Hedgies is a popular casual energy based game developed by Redspell. In Hedgies , you get to grow crops, craft food and other items. You can play Hedgies via Instant Games on Facebook.

Hedgies Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Energy \& Gold

If you are looking for the best way to get more energy as well as gold in the Hedgies game, be sure to keep reading!

In Hedgies, there's a few resources that you need. The main and most important one is the gold. Gold is the main currency in Hedgies and by having more of it, you are able to do a lot more in the game.

Gold can be extremely helpful and you can also exchange it for energy and other items such as tools and fertilizers.

How to get Gold for free?

Since Hedgies is only available on Facebook, it's not like most mobile games where you can watch video ads in exchange for more of it. However, on their official Facebook page, you can claim more gold for free through their links. For reference, I linked to their page at the top of the article.

Alternative tips for obtaining more Gold

Through this link (not affiliated with Facebook or Instant Games) you can easily get enough credits to obtain the highest package of gold in the game. You can read more on this here .

Now that we covered that, here are some other tips and tricks for Hedgies!

What to build first?

If you're wondering whether to build the lighthouse or repair the stone bridge -- you will need the lighthouse to be able to get the bees.

I would advise building the bridge first. However, it's really up to you. The lighthouse is easy to build if you have the most stuff for it. Just concentrate on whichever one looks easier to do.

Need more friends?

If you are in need for friends for Hedgies, you can get more through their Facebook page. It seems everyone is there looking for some.

Find more tips, tricks and cheats on Hedgies the game here .

Haven't played Hedgies yet? Play it through this link and get 3 gold.

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