Optimization of GTA 5 for PC: the best guide to action - Part II

We continue to learn the secrets of settings for weak PCs Read the beginning here

Configuring special effects

Impact on performance: high. And again, the aspect that affects the special effects. Let's analyze the difference: "particle Quality" sets up the processing of particle effects, and "special effects settings" shows us the quality of post-processing effects. The game has a lot of them, as an example: this is Bloom (glow), and the depth of field, and blurring when driving a car, and the rays of the sun, and fog, and even a lot of small things. So I suggest that this setting is no more than "High", so we will come to a compromise: it does not lag, and it looks decent.

Depth of field effect

Impact on performance: very low. This affects the draw distance of the landscape and Grifoni in the time of pricelovely. Enable or disable - see for yourself, it will give you 1-2 fps and that's it. If this option is enabled, it will only make it easier to focus on specific elements around you, goals, and so on.

Anisotropic filtering

Impact on performance: very low. Here the theme is that different textures at the viewing angle will be clearer. It doesn't affect much of anything in games lately, so try turning it on and see the difference. But on old vidyukhakh it is best to cut out, because a few years ago, things with this parameter were very deplorable.

AO shading

Impact on performance: low. This parameter is well known as SSAO. Often in games, an aspect like "AO Shading" can hit performance hard. But in GTA 5, there is no such problem from the word at all. The whole point of SSAO is that it allows all highly detailed objects in the game to cast shadows on themselves. The conclusion on the parameter will be given as follows: we put on "High" quality, if your computer is even slightly better than the minimum system requirements.

Additional image settings

Here now we will go a little deeper and analyze what affects what. These aspects will affect performance in different ways. Their total profit will not be too large, so my job is to give you the knowledge, and yours - to dispose of them, based on the iron.

  1. Long shadow. Leave, if the PC is medium, and cut out, if weak.
  2. High-resolution shadows. this parameter can eat up a lot, so we cut it off one hundred percent on weak and medium computers.
  3. Loading more detailed textures during the flight. this aspect is relevant only when flying on an airplane, so it is situational. By and large, you can score on it.
  4. Increased loading distance for more detailed objects. Here is this parameter already eats, as not in themselves, so just cut out.
  5. Length of shadows. this is the distance for drawing shadows. It won't affect anything too much. We cut down only on weak PCs and live happily.


Impact on performance: low, but. It will affect the development of small details, so you should turn it off on weak PCs, but on normal hardware you can put even a very high one.

GTA 5 laptop optimization

If you have a laptop and the parameters above in principle did not make any weather, then there is a more radical method of influencing the game: Here is an interesting modification that will forcibly cut down everything that you can not cut off with your hands. Therefore, if you are among those who have a laptop with system parameters lower than the official requirements, perhaps the modik will save you. The author of the mod Ragnos1997 and monuments can be erected to him, if the mod will help you. Download the file Next, you need to unpack the archive and throw the contents into the root folder with the game. If you have a license, the root folder will be located in the Steam - SteamApps folder. Among the files that you will unpack from the archive, there will be a launcher with a console - you need to open it before launching. Next, go to the game and do not forget to make the settings listed above in the section about settings.

Gta 5 optimization for a weak processor with a normal video card.

If the whole problem of your PC lies in the processor and at times of high load, the game freezes, the FPS drops, then we will try to configure several parameters in the NVidia control panel. It is likely that AMD also has such settings, so you can look at it by analogy. Open the NVIDIA control Panel, go to 3D Settings - > Manage 3D settings - >> Program settings and select GTA 5 from the drop-down list. Set the following parameters to the specified values: enable Shader Caching. The maximum number of pre-prepared frames = 1. Then go to the section 3D Parameters - > Manage 3D parameters - > > configure Surround, and In the "PhysX Settings" area specify your video card. All this applies to parameters that are aimed specifically at offloading the CPU. Here we have sorted out all the most popular options for how to run GTA 5 on weak PCs and laptops. As they say, nothing is impossible, you just need to dance correctly with a tambourine. I recommend trying each of the settings listed above to get the best results and get rid of lags and freezes. Below is a dictionary of terms, because most of the smart words in this article will simply be incomprehensible to you.

Appendix: dictionary of obscure terms

  1. System requirements are a description of the approximate characteristics that a computer must meet in order for it to run a game, in our case GTA 5
  2. Random Access Memory, RAM, (random access memory), or (RAM) is an energy --- dependent part of a computer memory system that stores running machine code (programs), as well as input, output, and intermediate data processed by the processor while the computer is running.
  3. Processor - (CPU, CPU) an electronic unit or integrated circuit that executes machine instructions (program code), the main part of the hardware of a computer or a programmable logic controller. The head of everything, in short.
  4. A video card is a device that converts a graphic image stored as the contents of a computer's memory into a form suitable for further display on a monitor screen.
  5. FPS-frame rate. The number of frames changed per unit of time in computer games. The common unit of measurement is frames per second.
  6. DirectX is a set of APIs developed for solving problems related to programming under Microsoft Windows. It is most widely used when writing computer games. This is a different kind of graphics output interface.
  7. FXAA (Fast approXimate Anti-Aliasing) is an anti --- aliasing method from Nvidia, which is a single-pass pixel Shader that calculates the resulting frame at the post-processing stage.
  8. Texture quality-affects the image you see in the game.
  9. Resolution is a value that determines the number of points (bitmap elements) per unit area (or unit length).
  10. Shaders are small, "scripts for video cards". They allow you to easily implement various special effects and effects.
  11. Video memory is the internal RAM allocated for storing data that is used to form an image on the monitor screen.
  12. SSAO - blocking of ambient light in screen space) is a software technique (technique) in three --- dimensional computer graphics, which is an approximate simulation of global lighting.
  13. Modification (game modding, prog. jarg. "mod") - an extension to a computer game, usually written by third-party developers or Amateurs using the SDK attached to the game, or special programs developed for modifying games by Amateurs.
  14. Tessellation is an automated process for adding new convex polygons to a polygon grid in order to increase the detail of the grid.

I hope that now you have been able to configure GTA 5 so that it will go on your PC like a native and will be able to fully enjoy this magnificent creation of Rockstars. I wish you a great break in the game and that the FPS no longer upset. #Interesting #HD #gta5 #action #adventure

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