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Have you played Cube Surfer yet? This is a new mobile game for Android and iOS where you get to collect all of the blocks. It really makes you think. Check out the gameplay below!

Your goal in Cube Surfer is to try to pass over the blocks. It may seem a little difficult at the beginning, but once you get passed a few levels, it gets somewhat easier.

The only downside to Cube Surfer is the amount of ads. After messing up on a level, an ad pops up. It can get quite annoying if you thoroughly enjoy playing the game.

Another downside is if you are not looking for a challenge, Cube Surfer is not it. It gets very easy to pass all of the levels. Besides that, the ads are one of the biggest cons. It seemed like it was just made to shove them in everybody's faces.

What do you think of Cube Surfer?

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