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Evertile is a mobile strategy game for Android and iOS. It's a fun new concept. If you enjoy tactics, strategy or CCG's then you will definitely like this game. Alike most mobile strategy games however, it is somewhat difficult and time consuming to make progress without spending money. That is for another topic though. Here, I'll be discussing how you can obtain more tiles in the game.

Evertile Battle Arena: How To Get More Tiles?

This is quite simple. In the tile shop, you can obtain more tiles in exchange for gold. So if you have any gold left, you can most definitely get more tiles with them.

You can also collect tiles under tile collections. These can be found and unlocked in certain arenas.

Tips and Tricks when playing Evertile!

Be sure to open the chests. Inside can contain rewards such as epic tiles, and some gems.

You can also get more rewards (gold and tiles) by tapping on the wooden chests.

Last Thoughts

Right after downloading Evertile, I have to admit that the game is very similar to Clash Royale. It's almost the same game, however just with tiles and linear movement. Otherwise, it's a really fun turn based strategy game. Your goal in Evertile is to build the ultimate deck to win in PvP.

Haven't played Evertile: Battle Arena?

Check out the innovative Gameplay below.

If you have played Evertile, what are your thoughts on the game? Be sure to leave a comment below, and if you enjoy playing Evertile more so than Clash Royale.

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