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Epic Games Store users can download Ark: Survival Evolved and Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection this week.

Both Ark: Survival Evolved and Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection are free this week on the Epic Games Store.

Ark: Survival Evolved was originally rumored to be last week's game, but it ended up being Overcooked.

In the game, you are stranded on an island and must learn to survive. You can kill or tame the various creatures roaming the land, and encounter other players.

Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection includes all six entires in the fighting series, plus Samurai Shodown V Perfect.

Each game comes with online versus battle modes along with the ability to select between either Japanese or English MVS arcade versions for each title in the collection. Other features include scanlines for that retro flair, save functions, and an Arcade Mode that can be set to Free Mode.

The games will be free until June 18 when it will be replaced by Pathway and The Escapists 2.

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