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Guide, how to build a beautiful and budget house in Sims 4

Building a home is a topic of great interest to Sims 4 players. That's why we made a video that reveals the secrets of building a comfortable home for just $25K. Sims - a series of games by Maxis, which appeared in 2000. Everyone found their own way of life in this simulator. Someone locked Sims in a pool or a room, someone created houses and did design, someone even did a term paper there, and someone created a family and managed it. The latter most often bought ready-made cheap houses or swindled money and took villas. Where on the way from the pool to the bedroom SIM managed to fall 3 times without strength. But what if it is still possible to build a house in Sims 4 cheap, let's say for $25 thousand. And here many will rightly ask: why suffer and build a small, squalid house, if one press ctrl+shift+c and enter the code "motherlode" can build a large and comfortable home? Answer: in fact, for $25 thousand, it is achievable to build a cozy and comfortable house for a family of two people and a dog. The nyuuke streamer will tell you about this, as well as show you how to build an impressive house in Sims 4 in stages, with an unimpressive budget. #sims4 #simulation

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