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On Friday afternoon, the second iteration of the new CS-52 premium tank went to the WOT supertest .

The Polish premium got small buffs for the overall performance, and also returned the ability to install a stabilizer (it was a bug).

Changes for CS-52 (Poland, MT-8, premium):

• Possibility of installation: Vertical aiming stabilizer Mk 1 (there was a bug)

• Scatter from turret rotation (max.): 0.12 (5.38) ==> 0.1 (4.48)

Gun loading: from 10.07 to 9.20

Gun rate: from 5.96 to 6.52

• Main shell flight speed: from 822 to 980

• Average damage per minute: from 1907 to 2086

• Average damage per minute by HE shell: from 2503 to 2738

source -- wotexpress

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