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How to choose the optimal settings for DotA 2 for weak laptops

Instructions for those who want to play Dota 2 on an old laptop without brakes and with normal ping. We squeeze the maximum out of the old iron. DotA 2 is a favorite game of many gamers, and this is not surprising, because its mechanics are simple and complex at the same time. The gameplay drags almost instantly, and now you can't stop. But what if your computer came to our world as an artifact from the time of the dinosaurs, and dotka on it barely starts? If there is a problem, there is a solution. Let's take it all in order.

What graphics settings do DotA 2 need for weak computers? If you have a laptop, you can improve performance like this:Open the "control Panel", then "Hardware and sound", then "power supply", then " Creating a power management scheme>> . Select "High performance".

Configuring the video card Laptops often have two video cards: an integrated one and a game one. Integrated is more suitable for workflows, so I advise you to make sure that the game will use the game vidyukhu, you can find out through AMD Catalyst or GeForce Experience.

Let's deal with Windows and drivers If you are a PC boyar, then Windows 7 or XP is best, since the compatibility of these systems with games is high. But you can also play on Windows 8 and 10 if you follow all the instructions below. Also, before starting the configuration, you need to click (WIN R), which will open the "Run" menu and type the "msconfig"command there. Select the "Loading" sub-item, open "advanced parameters" and set the maximum number of processors. Let's start configuring our PC. First --- you will need to install the latest driver versions. To do this, click on the link below and install it, everything is very simple: Nvidia AMD

Also, before starting the game itself, it is advisable to close all unnecessary processes through the task Manager (ctrl alt delete). But you can't get far with drivers alone.

Therefore, we will increase the fps To raise the FPS, it will be useful to write several commands in the DOTA2 game console. To open this console, you will need to perform a couple of simple steps:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Right-click on Dota 2 via the library
  3. selected property
  4. Click the General tab
  5. Click Set startup parameters...
  6. Write -console in the window that appears and click OK
  7. Enabling Dota 2
  8. Click on the console's hotkey. It is desirable to change it in the game settings, so that in the future there will be no difficulties for entering commands
  9. Enter con_enable 1
  10. Next, exit the game and delete the game launch parameters-console (this is necessary so that the console does not open when you log in to the game) After opening the console, we write a couple of commands: r_dota_disable_portrait_world_renderer and fps_max 30, this command is needed if your resolution is less than 720p and the system is not running at 60 frames per second. If the settings above did not help, go ahead and register a new console, it will definitely allow you to play DotA, even on your PC. Pay attention to what was written above (up to 5 points), there we open and write these commands to the console: -threads (your number of cores) --heapsize (your RAM numbers, see below) -noaafonts-d3d9ex-dxlevel 90-dx9-noipx-nofocus-novr-nohltv-nojoy-usetcp-uselocalweb-disablehangwatchdog-console-condebug-conclearlog --high

What about the RAM? (RAM) Depending on your RAM, you will need to select one of the following commands: heapsize 262144 - 512MB heapsize 524288 - 1GB heapsize 1048576 - 2GB heapsize 1572864 - 3GB heapsize 2097152 - 4GB heapsize 3145728 - 6GB heapsize 4194304 - 8GB heapsize 8388608 - 16GB

Go to the settings in the game Now we go to the settings themselves in DOTA2. First and most important, you need to turn off "shadow Quality", "Vertical synchronization","Additional light processing" and "world Lighting". These settings will not significantly worsen the graphics in the game, but will help you play with high FPS. You can leave the" texture quality " low if you have a weak or old video card with a small amount of memory. With all other options, you can forget about it. This will help you to play Dota2, no matter what PC you have never been. Good luck, good skating rinks, spectacular fights and non-toxic teammates. #dota2 #Interesting #HD

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