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Terraria: How to start the Torch God event and earn the Torch God’s Favor

There's a special one-time mini-event you can trigger in Terraria that will earn you the Torch God's Favor, but how do you get the fireballs rolling? The Torch God event can easily be started by players when they place a considerable amount of torches in an underground biome. Once the torches have been placed, you'll need to dodge fireballs until all the torches are extinguished to receive the Torch God's Favor, which comes with a unique buff. It's an endurance event, so having decent armour and accessories that boost defence would be a good place to start. You can also use the likes of Calming Potions to reduce enemy spawns so you can focus on dodging balls of fire. With that in mind, let's take a look at how to get started. Terraria: How to start the Torch God event and earn the Torch God's Favor First up, you need to head into an underground biome. Pick a wide, open area if you can, as it'll make dodging fireballs much easier. Once you've made your way underground, place around 100 torches of any type. You might get lucky and have the event begin with fewer torches, or you might need to place a few more. You'll know the Torch God event has started when the fireballs start flying. The torches will extinguish themselves and to complete the event, every single torch must go out. You can use items like the Rod of Discord and Hook of Dissonance to help you dodge more effectively and, as I said earlier, doing this event in a larger space will make it easier to avoid being hit. Once all the torches are out, wait a few moments for them to reignite and the Torch God's Favor should drop. If you have one in your inventory or have consumed one, you won't be able to do this event again unless you create a new character. However, you can remove it from your inventory and do the challenge again as long as you don't consume it. The Torch God's Favor permanently grants you the ability to convert regular torches to match that of the surrounding biome. You can check out our more info on the different types of torches and how the luck factor works. You can toggle this ability on and off, but it's super handy to have on. Check out this video from for a visual guide on how to start the event. Now that you've unlocked the Torch God's Favor, you can head out and search for the and , as well as , a and You can also check out our guides on , , and and

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