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If you have been playing Smashing Four for a while, you most likely are aware that when you start gaining trophies, you start facing much stronger heroes. This can seem like quite the set back since you end up back where you started. However, with our tips and cheats for Smashing Four, you'll be able to do a lot more in the game and have no problem avoiding this.

In today's post, I'll be showing you everything on how to get more gems for free in the game, and ultimately how to advance further so that the matchmaking system is fair on both ends.

Smashing Four Tips, Cheats And Hacks

First things first, the most important currency in Smashing Four are the gems. By having more of this currency, you are one step ahead, and you will be able to advance a lot quicker than you would before.

Some Tips For Beginners

Save your gems on gold! If you are playing the game for free, you should know that gold becomes quite an issue if you need to make deck replacements. Spending your gems is not much of a necessity, in my opinion, I feel you are better buying gold and purchasing the epics that you need. You will notice the gold shortage when you begin to upgrade cards to level 11 -- 12.

Avoid all of the epic heroes if you don't plan on spending money in the game! Most of the best cards in the game are the epic heroes. Note to only consider using an epic hero once you have enough cards to get it to level 5 minimum. This level card can get you to the bronze award, however, the silver reward and beyond will be difficult.

The cards do not remain the same strength! The cards at lower arenas start with low stats. It might feel, for example, that the barbarian does not seem that good in the beginning, however, once you upgrade it to level 9, it can become a great damage dealer.

Smashing Four Gems

In this section, you'll be able to pick up on a few tips and cheats on how you can gain the advantage in Smashing Four and obtain more gems for free in the game.

Without gems, you will not be able to upgrade your heroes and obtain other resources and items in the game.

What can you get in exchange for gems? You can receive more gold if you have enough gems. You can level up your heroes with gold. That's why I mentioned before to use your gems specifically for gold, only if you are playing for free. You can also get orbs in exchange for gems, as well as emojis.

Since I got off track there, let's proceed on how to get gems in Smashing Four!

How-To Get Free Gems In Smashing Four?

Most mobile games have a feature where you can watch ads for a few seconds to obtain the main currency. If they're any available at the time of writing this, you can use this as one strategy to get more gems easily.

There are also cheats and hacks that are mentioned by players. If you're wondering if there is a hack for Smashing Four, let me tell you first that these are most likely a waste of your time. There's such thing as cheats and glitches, and the difference between those and hacks are normally regular websites set up to look like a generator and ask for your in-game username. Right away, you should know that that's fake.

Want to get more gems for free in Smashing Four? I'd definitely recommend that you check out this site. This website is similar to various reward programs, where you are offered certain prizes and gift cards.


You've made it to the end. While we understand, it can be difficult when you are matched with much stronger heroes, these tips and cheats will definitely help in this case.

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