The new extension to the "Eco Lifestyle" for Sims 4

Electronic Arts has announced a new expansion for the Sims 4 "Eco Lifestyle" dedicated to ecology and environmental cleanliness. The new world of "EVergreen Harbor" is full of eco-friendly items and new options that will allow Sims to reduce the level of carbon dioxide emissions, create new and improved items by recycling garbage from other characters, and upgrade homes with furniture made from eco-friendly materials.

Eco Lifestyle is the ninth addition to the Sims 4. Players will be able to immerse themselves in the theme of cleanliness and care for the environment. To find rare items, you will need to search trash bins and collect various materials in the surrounding area. And the new profession "Freelance Crafter" will give them the opportunity to earn a living by repurposing these items.

The release is scheduled for June 5, 2020. #Interesting #HD

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