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It is quite known in Family Island that you do not gain enough energy from food or tasks in order to complete the required tasks in a short period of time. This can frustrate many players. Here is everything on how to obtain more energy and diamonds in the game.

Gain Energy in Family Island

There's a few ways on how you can get more energy even for free in Family Island. Since Energy can be a problem in Family Island, be sure to pick up on some of these tips! Here are the few ways you can do this, without spending any real money on in-app purchases.

You can exchange diamonds or gems for more energy. Diamonds are one of the other main currencies in Family Island, we'll get to that later. Another way you can earn more energy is through certain tasks and activities.

Free Diamonds?

You may have already asked yourself this question, most likely every player has. However, since these main currencies have somewhat of a demand, meaning, that you will eventually need them in the game, you may try to earn some but get unlucky. Below, I'll list a few ways you can get free diamonds in Family Island -- be sure that you follow along.

Alike most farm games, there should be a way to earn some of these resources for free. I'm talking about the video ads, these are quite big in most mobile games these days. If you have the option to watch these 30 sec ads, you can pack up on some of these resources there.

You can also earn diamonds through certain activities as well as energy, however, I would not expect to earn that many through this way.

One more method I can suggest if you are really wanting to get more diamonds in Family Island is through this rewards link. This is an app where you can get certain rewards. You know, most reward apps where you can cash out big time, right? I'm talking about these. With this new one, you are able to actually use this to your advantage and get more diamonds as well as energy in the game.

More on Family Island

This new Farm game adventure developed by Melsoft Games is where you can dive into simplicity of the primal world with the modern Stone Age family. When first starting out, you get to grow corps and craft useful goods to trade with other characters. You also get to customize your farm with beautiful decorations and much more. Family Island is available on iOS and Android for download.

Would you like to see more on Family Island? Be sure to leave a comment, as well, if you have any questions or anything you'd like to add. More guides for Family Island here.

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