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If you love playing Coin Master, you may enjoy playing Coin City too! Coin City is a relatively new Casino Mobile Game where you can spin, win and destroy your friends cities with a wrecking ball. If you are looking for alternative ways to get more spins, coins and treats in the game, keep reading.

Coin City Cheats: Spins, Coins and Treats

Before I get into these tips and cheats for Coin City, I'd just like to get this off my chest. This game instantly reminded me of Coin Master. It's almost identical that it's weird. Now that's off my chest, let's proceed.

One method to get more of these resources are through the video ads. You can watch these video ads to get rewards. At the top right corner, you can earn more than 50,000 coins from these. They're also frequent pop-ups which will prompt you to watch these videos to obtain more gold or coins. You can also get spins from these short video ads too!

An alternative to get more spins, coins and treats for free:

An alternative to getting more spins and coins as well as treats in Coin City is through this rewards app. This one that we mentioned here is relatively new, however, it is something I can suggest if you are wanting to get more of these resources in Coin City! The steps are fairly easy to follow and it takes less than a few minutes until you receive them in the game.

If you're interested, you can definitely read more about it and how it all works on their website. Note that it is currently free of charge at the moment, so be sure to take action on it right away.

Tips and Tricks

Keep using your spins! This way, you can win bigger rewards as well as more coins with every new slot machine. Remember to gather shields to protect your city from attacks. Collect and trade uniqe cards, and open chests filled to the brim with cards.

About Coin City

Coin City is a new casino game created by EmberEntertainment. In the game, you get to spin slot machines, win coins to build your city, collect special cards, steal massive amounts of coins and win bigger rewards with every new slot machine. There's also a variety of adventurous events that you can complete.

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