The image of the perfect streamer that you see now. An image devoid of sincerity and sharpened for maximum attraction of a male audience and a byte for donates. Is he that attractive? Do you really believe that your large donuts will make such Tanak to pay attention to you? No! Ahahahah, this will make them pay attention to your wallet. Do you really like these forfor dolls that don't have a soul in them?

I don't blame anyone, I just want to remind you that behind a beautiful picture there must be a good, honest person whose goal is to brighten up your evening, keep you company at dinner, show interesting, high-quality content, and raise your mood.

On my streams, I communicate honestly with my audience and do not hide my emotions under the mask of falseness and affectation. I like to say everything as it is, I like to cry if the game has a sad ending, I like to be indignant if I can't pass the level. I don't pretend to be a hot beauty or a Pro-level player, saying how I pull and that I have no equal. Yes, I may fool around like a child and enjoy every ruble that you send me, but I am honest in my emotions without any extra pathos and self-conceit. And if I say that I am happy to see you on my stream, then I am really happy, you can be sure!

And if my words made you think about something, then in this second, I will become the happiest person in the world. After all, if I have reminded at least one person that the most important thing in people is SIMPLICITY and SINCERITY, then I have reminded the whole world of what in this hurry everyone just forgot... #uliveteam #gaming #дивныйэльф

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