I will be happy if you invite friends! To have more people and more fun!)

On may 23, at 16:00 Moscow time, a tube stream will take place πŸŒ™ πŸ¦‰ We will walk on Google maps and communicate on various topics ☺ Stock up on delicious food and warm blankets my Elfyatki! We'll be on our way soon ✨ 🌐

In our program:

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ An exciting game in Google maps "drunk morning". I will be thrown anywhere in the world and I will have to guess where I was thrown and mark this place on the map as accurately as possible. Since I skipped geography at school, among those who will help me and give the right tips,I will play a portrait. The winner will be the one who gives me the most correct hints. If the opponents have the same number of points, the winner will be chosen by Saint random πŸ™ 🏻

🌠 Visit the most beautiful places on our planet according to my personal selection 😜 #анонсы #uliveteam #gaming #travel

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