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This will not affect Wasteland 3 in any way.

Did not have time Epic Games announce the release of a new engine , as the first projects began to appear on it. More precisely, small teasers. Recently, inxile Entertainment confirmed on Twitter that its next-generation RPG will use Unreal Engine 5.

Thank you. We're excited to share more, although it'll be a while. Focusing on finishing Wasteland 3 and getting it into people's hands on Aug. 28. We will indeed be using Unreal Engine 5 for our next project.

--- inXile entertainment () May 19, 2020

They said they are fully focused on releasing Wasteland 3 on the scheduled date of August 28, and would be happy to give more details about the new project, but can't.

It will take at least several years to wait for the game, and the new RPG will be exactly on the new generation of consoles. Of course, it would be interesting to know how long ago the Studio had a working sample of the engine and they started at least working out the concepts, because they, like the Studio, will soon be able to tell you a lot about the new engine, which promises to give us a completely new level of games. @inXile_ent

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