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Ubisoft announced that in the period from may 14 to 21, Uplay PC offers free "Interactive tour: Ancient Greece" and "Interactive tour: Ancient Egypt". This offer continues Ubisoft's "contribute, play at home" campaign, which aims to provide entertainment products and communication tools to people in isolation.

Interactive tours are virtual tours of detailed open worlds where the action of "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" and "Assassin's Creed Origins"takes place. Here you can learn history by exploring the territory without having to fight and without time limits. "Interactive tour: Ancient Greece" is a journey through 29 regions of classical Greece, during which you will learn about ancient Greek philosophy, famous cities, everyday life, war and mythology. "Interactive tour: Ancient Egypt" tells about Ptolemaic Egypt: about the culture and customs of that time, and is accompanied by stories of Egyptologists and other historians. Both of these tours are designed to help educate players. The narration is conducted in an accessible language, and the control functions are intuitive.

"Millions of children have experienced major changes in the education system, and teachers are forced to adapt and increasingly use various technical tools in their work. People are looking for new effective ways to learn. We are proud to create Interactive tours, because they make learning about history accessible and exciting>>, "says Etienne Allonier, brand Director of Assassin's Creed.

"Interactive tour: Ancient Greece "and" Interactive tour: Ancient Egypt " are an exciting way to learn history both independently and as part of a school program. Ubisoft provides historical texts and other materials to teachers who use Interactive tours in their classes.

Teachers can get more information on the page

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