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Historical 3D "Hel" style for the Strv 103B tank from 1.9.1 WoT patch . Most likely it will simply be sold for gold .

Description* : The main drawback of this type of vehicle is the complete helplessness in case of damage to the chassis, so the crews relied on the exclusion of any incoming damage, which was achieved by maximizing the tank's disguise and ambush battle tactics. They used camouflage nets, cut vegetation, fascines, and any other objects that completely removed the S-tank from the enemy's eyes. Hiding the tank in this way, all that was left was to wait for the target. The fate of the enemy, in this case, is unenviable: here you carefully make your way through the forest, and suddenly a flash -- and you are already in Helheim*** .

Historical, price: 5.000 gold. Only for the Strv 103B tank

source -- wotexpress

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