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Paper Mario -a series of games about the adventures of paper Mario and his friends. Today, Nintendo announced the first part of the franchise for Nintendo Switch-Paper Mario: The Origami King.

In the paper world, trouble-king Ollie turned Princess Peach into origami, banished the inhabitants of her castle, and sealed it with a magic serpentine. Mario and his new friend Olivia --- Ollie's sister-rush to the rescue. The heroes will have to break the serpentine's bonds before their friends turn into origami soldiers.

The developers promise to travel throughout the Kingdom, where there is a place for both deserts and seas. Save the king's prisoners will help the skill 1000 Fold Arms --- it allows you to stretch your hands, which is useful in solving puzzles.

In addition, Mario and Olivia will have to fight origami soldiers. In battles, you need to line up your enemies tactically to inflict maximum damage. The authors claim that battles require ingenuity and puzzle-solving skills.

Paper Mario: The Origami King will appear on the Switch on July 17. In the Nintendo eShop, you can pre-order for 4,499 rubles.

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