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  • The COVID-19 pandemic has not had a significant impact on the company's internal processes: the PlayStation 5 is being prepared for launch in late 2020, as planned, and game development is proceeding without significant problems. Judging by Sony's comments, the production of the PlayStation 4 was slightly affected, but on this front everything is compensated by stocks from warehouses.
  • Sales of digital copies and the number of subscribers of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now increased significantly against the background of the quarantine, but the profit for the year as a whole was lower than in fiscal 2018. Among the reasons is a decrease in sales of exclusives and profits from shareware games. In fiscal 2018, God of War , Marvel's Spider-Man and Fortnite exceeded expectations, while in fiscal 2019, Days Gone , Death Stranding and Fortnitefailed to achieve the same figures.
  • Sony does not disclose forecasts for sales of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in the coming financial year --- as analysts suggest, due to the unstable state of the global economy at the moment. Plans for sales of NextGen should be announced in August, when the first fiscal quarter ends.
  • The PlayStation 4 sold 110.4 million copies. For fiscal 2019, Sonysold 13.6 million consoles --- less than in 2018 (17.8 million), but more than planned (13.5 million). Among the reasons for the decline is a decrease in demand towards the end of the generation.
  • The number of PlayStation Plus subscribers reached 41.5 million people --- 5.1 million more than at the end of the previous financial year.
  • The share of digital copies in game sales for the last quarter of fiscal 2019 was 66 %. In the same period of 2018, this figure was 45 %. The growth of "numbers" is associated with quarantine.

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