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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Star Fragments – How to make Celeste’s Star Wand

Your very own island is a great place to see the stars. Here's how to collect Star Fragments and craft the Star Wand in Animal Crossing: New Horizons . You also use Star Fragments to craft the special Bunny Day Wand, as well as the Celestial Zodiac set of furniture. Blathers isn't the only smarty-pants owl around. Sometimes on a starry night, you'll find his sister Celeste wandering around your town plaza. Speak to her and she'll teach you about shooting stars and meteor showers in the night sky above your island. That's not the only lesson she has in-store for you though. Keep talking, and she'll give you the DIY recipe for a Star Wand -- a special item which lets you switch between registered outfits without trudging back to your wardrobe or filling up your pockets. But to add the Star Wand to your collection, you need Star Fragments. Wishing on shooting stars is the best way to get Star Fragments, but it's not communicated very well how it works. Here's what to do. Animal Crossing: New Horizons -- How to get Star Fragments for the Star Wand At night time, sometimes you'll find Celeste milling about your town. This doesn't seem to trigger at a set time, it's a bit like -- she'll arrive when she likes. Speaking to her nets you a DIY recipe for the Star Wand, and instructions to look up at the night sky and press A when you see a shooting star. To look up properly at the sky, you need to hold up on the right stick, or press it up twice. You can't move around with the left stick while you do this, or it will reset the camera position. In the sky, you'll see the stars streaking across the screen occasionally. Press A when this happens and it will twinkle. The first time you do it, you'll get a little from your NookPhone. Keep doing this as many times as you like -- I think I did about 10. Now you need to save the game and go to sleep in the real world. The next day, you'll find Star Fragments washed up on the beaches around the periphery of your island. They come in regular and large varieties, and you'll need 1 large and 3 regular to complete the Star Wand. More Fragments wash up throughout the day, so check back regularly to see what you get. Celestial Zodiac Fragments -- where to get Aries Fragments After the first time you see Celeste, on return visits she'll give you DIY recipes for Celestial Zodiac styled furniture like the Aries Rocking Chair. You get the Star Fragments used to craft these items in the same way -- so keep your eyes peeled. . We also have pages , as well as .

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