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The Last of Us: Part 2 is rumored to be a story of revenge against a “homophobic Christian cult”

Naughty Dog's sequel to The Last of Us will feature a revenge plot against a homophobic Christian cult, according to new rumors. Information on the upcoming release appeared in on 4Chan (via ) by an alleged "immediate family member" of staff at Naughty Dog. As with any rumor -- particularly one which reared its head on 4Chan -- take it with a big grain of salt. But if you don't want to risk spoilers, then it's probably better if you don't read on. The archived plot leak claims The Last of Us 2 will center around a budding romance between protagonist Ellie and love-interest Dina -- a plot point that . However, this subplot is interrupted by an attack from a religious sect known as the Seraphites, who allegedly view the relationship as sinful. According to the post, this results in the death of Dina -- and, eventually, another major character: Joel. As such, The Last of Us: Part 2 will apparently focus on Ellie's quest for revenge. The post also offers some details regarding Ellie's personal history. According to the writer, a mystery woman seen in the game's trailer is in fact Ellie's mom. Additionally, Ellie's father is said to be a member of the cult who was killed for having a relationship with someone outside of the group. VG247 has reached out to Naughty Dog for comment.

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