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Switch Lites are coming back in stock–here’s where to grab them

There have been problems with Nintendo Switch Lite production due to COVID, but the system is slowly coming back into stock. If you want one, you'll want to grab it now before it's too late! The three original colors of the Nintendo Switch Lite are slowly coming back in stock at select retailers, and it may not be the retailers you expect. But with the , and with Animal Crossing: New Horizons being out, you might wanna grab one before they're sold out again. In the UK, each color of the Switch Lite is available at Very: There are also a couple of bundles available, like the . The . In the US, you can get the Switch Lite at GameStop. However, these are bundle deals, with the Switch Lite, a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a screen protector, and $20 in eShop credit. Gamestop also has some to look at too, but those won't ship until later in the month. It all depends on if you want a Switch Lite now, or a normal Switch later.

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