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Grab Shovel Knight for the Switch for only $24.99

Want some awesome retro-style platforming on your Animal Crossing device? You can grab the full set of Shovel Knight games for the Switch at a nice discount! That's right, if you want Shovel Knight and the three accompanying campaigns (which might as well be full games in their own right) on the Nintendo Switch, you can get the digital version for only $24.99 at multiple retailers! But, it really is only the Switch version, and it's definitely not for the physical edition either. But, the advantage of a digital copy is that if you make a Nintendo Account for the region the code is for, you can buy and play it no matter where you're from. Here are the retailers that are selling the digital copy of Treasure Trove: So, you'll probably be able to grab a copy somewhere, even if one retailer sells out! $24.99 was the original price of the Treasure Trove, but this was before King of Cards and Specter of Torment released, so this is now effectively a Good Sales Price.

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