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With spring in the air, and the apocalypse in full force, Epic has unveiled another batch of games to be biffed with the Epic Game Store exclusivity stick on PC, including SNK's Samurai Shodown and Devolver Digital's comedic open-world vandalism caper Sludge Life.

First on the list of Epic's exclusivity acquisitions (at least, as far as the ones with release dates go) is developer We're Five Games' Totally Reliable Delivery Service - a "ragdoll physics simulation about terrible package delivery couriers", that's due to arrive on 1st April. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

It'll be followed by Crypt of the Necrodancer developer Brace Yourself Games' latest endeavour, Industries of Titans - a promising industrial city building sim/strategy hybrid that's getting the early access treatment from 14th April. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Zen Studios' previously Apple Arcade exclusive Dread Nautical, a tactical turn-based RPG with Lovecraftian trimmings, comes to the Epic Games Store on 29th April, and everything that follows is currently without a release date. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

There's the latest entry in SNK's well-regarded Samurai Shodown fighting series, free-to-play multiplayer Arena shooter Diabotical, and MirrorMoon EP developer Santa Ragione's visually striking survival horror adventure Saturnalia, set in a labyrinthine Italian village that reconfigures itself each time players fall foul of its evil ways. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Also now gobbled up by Epic's slobbering exclusivity maw is Devolver Digital's garish open-world vandalism nightmare Sludge Life, in which players attempt to stake their claim among the graffiti elite, and, lastly, FJRD Interactive's absolutely gorgeous survival sandbox Among Trees, which looks something like what you might get if it ever bothered to stop snowing for a minute in The Long Dark, and is due sometime this summer. Subscribe to our YouTube channel Subscribe to our YouTube channel

As a reminder for those looking to complete their Epic exclusivity bingo cards, the first big story expansion for Remedy's superb paranormal shooter Control - titled The Foundation - is out this Thursday, 26th March, as previously announced.

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