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Miyamoto says he no longer completely reworks projects in mid-development

The latest edition of Famitsu is now with subscribers and this particular edition celebrates the Nintendo Switch's third anniversary. To celebrate the occasion they have ran an extensive interview with legendary Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto. One aspect that came up is that Mr. Miyamoto says he has broken his habit of upturning the tables and restarting development in the middle of its cycle. Here's what he said: "I might say something in the early stages of development like, "What if we didn't do this ?" Or "If you're going to do that, then what about this ?" But I no longer come in mid-development to completely rework things. I don't "upend the tea table" just as a hobby or something, I only do so if I can see how the whole game will pan out. By changing the structure of things when a game isn't turning out right, I "upend the tea table" when I can see how things like the visuals and the merits of the game can change. If I can't see a clear vision for the game, then that doesn't mean something should be changed. After all, you can't see all the key components unless you're the director."

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