Join U LIVE Games Team

Launch gaming streams. Post photos and videos.
Earn through views.

U LIVE Games - a streaming platform devoted to gaming and cybersport.

Launch gaming streams, socialize via Just Chatting or post your news. We pay for every minute of your stream and every view of your post. The more viewers there are, the more money we pay you.

Exclusive terms for talented creators

We will double everything you earn on U LIVE and will provide you with support from our developers - in case you have more than 5000 subscribers on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or other service.

Just send us the link to your page and U LIVE Games ID:

Income per minute

You will be paid for every visitor, even in a free stream.

Multi streaming

Combine U LIVE Games streaming with other services.

Collect donations without intermediaries

We allow posting links to donation services and e-wallets to receive donations right from users.

No content bans

We do not ban for games and hot content in streams. We simply create country and age limit for particular posts.

Earn money offline

Your profile is a source of passive income. Post photos and videos, add intriguing descriptions and collect views.

Photos and videos

Each photo or video view is paid for by the user; each 50 views are paid for by the U LIVE Games service.

Game stream videos

Your stream was unforgettable? You can save the video and we will pay you for every future view.

Affiliate program

Interact with your fans in a new way: invite viewers interested in games. Thanks to the affiliate program we can help you to get the most out of it.

Affiliate program

Share the link to U LIVE Games in social networks, post it on your website or send individual messages to your friends. Get 30% from purchases of invited users.

Invite other streamers

Earn 14% from the income of those who had registered via your affiliate link.

Easy money withdrawal

Exchange each 5000 coins for $1. Minimal withdrawal sum — $10

Use VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, SEPA, Bitsafe services or get an invoice to withdraw money.

Payouts without chargebacks. Get 100% income and U LIVE Games will take care about the refund risks.

U LIVE Games Team is looking for cyber sportswomen

We need girls who play well or are able to stream via Just Chatting about games.